BNZ app feature request - international travel notifications

I would like the option to advise BNZ of international trips via the app like I can do with NAB. With theirs I can specify which countries I will be visiting, the dates and whether I will make “frequent” ATM withdrawals or “large” purchases. The definitions of “frequent” and “large” are not specified.

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Interesting, I haven’t seen NAB’s app - is there a feature dedicated solely to advising of international travel?
The hack I usually tell people about is sending the info via secure mail from internet banking/our app with their itinerary but maybe @Eric can weigh in once he’s back from holiday :slight_smile:

Here are some tablet screen shots showing the process in order:

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I have seen what NAB have done, I agree, it’s a nice feature.

We are going to be doing some work around card controls this year, travel notifications is definitely something we will be taking a look at.



I like the look of this feature as well. I always ring up the card contact centre and pass on my travel details, but a self service piece would work well via an authenticated user.

Always remember everyone to do an ATM balance request on your cards before you leave the country and as soon as entering the country, this ensures your LEN on your card has been updated, thus reducing the ability of a card compromise that could have happened while you were overseas.


Even on ASB cards,
you can set limits (reset instantly),
suspend/block card,
inform either via auto location of your phone
or via manual itenary setup.