BNZ app doing weird things - reset settings

I don’t access BNZ app often but pretty sure I had no issues earlier in the week (using TouchID security or Netguard secondary security). Oddly on July 17 my TouchID login stopped working and I had to use User ID and password which is really odd. It didn’t ask for Netguard which I have set up for logging in either. At the time I assumed an update had taken place but tried to call BNZ anyway but was advised there was a long wait so I hung up (assumed everyone had same issue). Ended up noticing my settings on the app had changed so I corrected those and expected to find something online today to confirm the app had issues but sadly no. Has anyone else had this happen or should I be concerned?

Just an update to this issue - I finally got through to the help desk and was told this was a common issue with app updates. Apparently you should delete and reinstall the app regularly which I told them was pretty poor thing to have to keep doing. I am on iPhone system but it was indicated it didn’t matter what system you use. So all I can say is always keep your Netguard card on hand because you will need that to override your loaded security preferences each time you need to delete and re-install.

Thanks heaps for the update - I’m really glad to hear you got it sorted in the end :+1: Though I’m obviously sorry for all the hassle. That’s a good tip about always keeping your Netguard card handy.