BNZ Advantage Visa additional card holder

A couple of weeks ago I arranged for my mother to be added as an additional card holder for my BNZ Advantage Visa Business account. The intention was it would remain my account but she would have the ability to transact on it.

Unfortunately, it is now being called a “joint” account in Internet banking and is similarly showing on the account statement PDF.

It was never the intention my Mother would enter into a joint account status or assume any liability.

For clarity:

  1. At the time I opened the account I advised the CSR one of my reasons was to build my credit rating.
  2. I was granted a credit limit based on the information I provided, a credit check and previous good account keeping history.
  3. At the time of the additional card application, I advised my Mother this was only to facilitate her to transact on the account and this was the limit of engagement of an additional card.
  4. At no time during the additional card application, was it bought to our attention it would become a joint account or my Mother may assume any liability for it.

I have just contacted small business customer services and the CSR said he would “put a note on the account” which is clearly not what I asked for. I asked to have confirmation of the position in writing.

Could you please provide confirmation of the above in writing here and by post.

Hi @michaelnz, I’ve had the team look into your query - unfortunately they’re unable to post a response here as they’re limited by privacy requirements but if you send this via a secure message (internet banking or via app) they’ll be able to respond and arrange for a letter to be sent out.

I have given you permission to post a response to the above but I will also message you my customer number. Thanks @Yvonne

Hi, I’ve got your access number in my PMs from a previous interaction :slight_smile: Let me just check with the legal team about replying here - I have a feeling it’s policy not to discuss customer information publicly regardless of whether permission is given but I will confirm shortly.

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Hello! I’ve sought clarification on policy from Legal and Risk and they’ve given the go ahead to reply here about this particular query BUT you’ll still need to give us permission via a secure channel (could send secure message via app or internet banking) so that we’ve ID’d you :grimacing: Sorry for the back and forth about what’s actually a pretty straightforward query, just have to be really careful around customer privacy and security :slight_smile: If you’d like to do that and still have your query answered here please let me know, otherwise you could just have it answered in a reply to the secure message. Thanks!

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