BNZ Advantage Travel Insurance

Re your invite for new ideas for rewards,  I am thinking of switching to another bank’s credit card because they offer a) more generous cash rewards and b)  more importantly free travel insurance. They are also offering no account fees for the first year at least.  If you will  add free travel insurance to the benefits of the Advantage card then I will keep my existing Visa card.

Hi jayjay, thanks for your message.  BNZ Platinum Advantage has the most generous cash rewards on the market, and it also comes with 90 days of travel insurance. This card will be available for you to switch to in the coming months.


I would have to agree in comparing Travel Insurance with BNZ they were most helpful over the phone and I would also wish to have a BNZ Platinum Advantage card especially travelling overseas and VISA has very good security on the card and cash rewards back which is very appealing.