Bizarre statement periods

Our statements do not cover a calendar month. The last statement was from 30 April 2021 to 28 May 2021. I sent off the GST summaries to the accountant based on this statement, but then some transactions went through on 31 May 2021. So now the accountant has to make corrections. Annoying.

Hi, thanks for the comment. The date range of your statements depend on when you have your statements set to close off. This is usually determine by when you opened your account.
If you prefer to have your statements close off on the last business day of the month or a set date (i.e 28th of the month, 4th of the month etc) then you can call 0800 275 269 or if you have Internet Banking you can send a SecureMail through the contact option and it can be changed for you. Regards Darci