Benefits of Flexi Debit Visa?

Currently I operate two cards: a standard Eftpos card, and a Classic Visa. I use both regularly.

What benefit would there be for me, to apply for a Flexi Debit Visa (to replace my Eftpos card)? 


Great question

Two main things for me: Online and overseas shopping.


I’m not great at paying all of the balance on my credit card off (I know, foolish!) so I found using the Flexi Debit Visa meant I could minimise using the credit card and stick to my budget whilst still being able to shop online.


Me too, I am not good with credit cards - it doesn’t seem like `real money" lol. Given my lack of credit card smarts, I think a Flexi Debit Visa would be the way to go, and only use the credit card when really necessary.


Keep in mind these are the views of fellow BNZ Community users, and not BNZ.