Benefits of Flexi Debit Visa?


Currently I operate two cards: a standard Eftpos card, and a Classic Visa. I use both regularly.

What benefit would there be for me, to apply for a Flexi Debit Visa (to replace my Eftpos card)? 


Great question


Two main things for me: Online and overseas shopping.


I’m not great at paying all of the balance on my credit card off (I know, foolish!) so I found using the Flexi Debit Visa meant I could minimise using the credit card and stick to my budget whilst still being able to shop online.


Me too, I am not good with credit cards - it doesn’t seem like `real money" lol. Given my lack of credit card smarts, I think a Flexi Debit Visa would be the way to go, and only use the credit card when really necessary.