Banks refusing to give [redacted] workers accounts: 'It's ridiculous'

A Wellington brothel owner is furious at banks who will not let her open a business account.

Prostitution was decriminalised 15 years ago but that has not put an end to what [redacted due to BNZ censorship] workers have called ‘discrimination’ by the banking industry.

Mary Brennan from Funhouse Escorts said she had been turned away from every bank in the country - simply because they would not deal with the [redacted due to BNZ censorship] industry.

RadioNZ - Full article
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Good to know banks are the paragon of virtue. So why do Skycity and every pokie bar have a bank account?

Westpac and ANZ are backing Skycity’s capital raising:
Skycity PDS 2015 (PDF file)