I personally hold no prejudices against you for getting in the ****. Been there myself in the past.

What I can’t fathom is rather then listen to the advice you have been freely offered by myself and others - namely to make use of the legal avenue you have available to renege on paying your debts and start afresh - you are following some weird course.

Even worse, you are waiving a red flag at the bank basically forcing them to bankrupt you.

The smartest thing you could do right now is take the No Asset Procedure option for a year and do the further 5 (or 7?) years in the credit worthiness sin bin. After this and assuming no further f***ups on your part, the record will fall off and you will become worthy again.

The bank will have already written off the money because they know they won’t be getting s*** from you, which I add, is 9/10’s of the reason they are not interested in talking to you.

They f***ed up in loaning you the money and they lose. You f***ed up in borrowing the money and you lose.

Forget your career aspirations in the financial industry. That’s finished regardless of anything else purely on the basis of your credit check showing defaults.

What will happen if you don’t take action yourself is they will bankrupt you in court. Unless you have over $40k in debt or a student loan, there is no benefit to you in going bankrupt. Better to take the ‘light’ option I reckon.


I offer as an epilogue to this thread the O.P. was declared bankrupt (creditor’s petition) in the High Court at Christchurch on 6th of April, 2017.


Gee Michael, that made for cheery reading NOT. No need to kick the dude in the guts.Its not the end of the world unless you cant live without credit. Many people do without credit, I do.Seriously though Ford is right. No one wants to lend to a former bankrupt or NAP do they? My sister is a bankrupt, and basically she has been told her credit worthiness is stuffed for life. The transition to cash only has been difficult for her, but she doesnt have a choice. I’m surprised that many human beings have their self worth aligned to assets bought with credit.There are other ways which require a changed mindset, discipline and time.


The poster is not a dude and secondly they have been permanently banned
from here. So your outrage counts for naught.


Really? So he is a she, and she is banned? And oh dear you think my comments mean outrage? That’s hilarious. What a cheery disposition you have there Michael. Are you the forum whipping boy? Grief, no wonder this community doesn’t have a lot of activity. You probably scare people off!


I am one of the most badged members here because I contribute and this has
been recognized by other forum members including BNZ staff. I see you have
only been here 5 minutes before you started trolling so I expect your time
here will be rather short lived.


A badged member? Wow! I see, so is this where you wield power and authority that you dont get in the real world? Pal youre an online bully. I joined up to get insights and ideas for my finances like everyone else. In that regard we are all trolls. I dont give a hoot about badges, or recognition. Yawn.I care that if I take the time to be here, I wont be set upon by dictatorial bullies. You obviously have issues that have nothing to do with me or Ford. I read your contributions as you call it, and most are delivered with contempt and disdain. You need to quit being a bully. Go ahead, get me banned. Just laughable, hardly anyone participates anyway.


Ford came here seeking help and received a lot of if from myself and others
both in public in response to her many posts under various names and in
private by email. Unfortunately she chose to ignore the advice provided by
us, her accountant friend and others, and burned a bunch of bridges.
Furthermore, when she didn’t get the answers she demanded to hear she
responded with threats and long winded nonsense emails and posts. As a
result she was permanently banned, the only person I have ever seen this
happen to here. So whether you are one of her sock puppets or a friend of
hers, your posts serve no other purpose here then to highlight the perils
of helping people who are in a bad spot mentally and financially.


Hi everyone, I’m going to close out this thread because things are getting a little heated - let’s keep it positive, as per our community guidelines :slight_smile: