Bank to bank transfer times


When I can transfer money from one bank to another bank instantaneously then BNZ and all banks for that matter will get my attention.


That happens now u make a payment from one bank to other Nd I find its there within an hour


ive transfered some money to a co-operative bank account and i want to know when the money will clear in that account


@haydz That would be an answer that you need to receive from Co-Operative Bank on when they receive the transaction from BNZ, when do they give there customers access to those funds.


ive just been told that the money has cleared in the co-operative bank account


Can I transfer money from my bnz account to another bnz account today and they can receive it straight away being a Saturday?


Hi Niles, transfers between BNZ accounts will generally be transferred that same day. Even on a weekend or public holiday.
Thanks, Krystal.


Hello just wondering what the processing times are moving money from BNZ to other banks over the weekend. If i was to move money from BNZ on a weekend or public holiday when would it be received by the other bank? Thanks


Unfortunately @carms transfers between banks will only ever occur on working days (not weekends or public holidays). We would expect the funds to leave your BNZ account immediately however depending on the other banks processing times, may not arrive in the recipients account until at least midday on the following business day. Eg: Saturday payments to another bank may generally clear around midday on Monday

I hope this helps