Bank of montreal - inst&transit no

Hi there

My wife and I have made international transfers for our daughter in Canada through the Willis Street branch. We can see that on the Application for Telegraphic Transfer the INST&TRANSIT NO has been specified in the Bank Code field.

We have now created an International payee to do this online. Can you please confirm that the INST&TRANSIT NO we need to specify is CC000102051.

N and T Falvino

Hi there, thank you for your message. Unfortunately, because this is a public forum, I can’t discuss the specific details of your accounts or transaction history. If you use internet banking or the BNZ mobile app, feel free to send us a Secure Message or call our team on 0800 275 269 to discuss this further. ^Liam

Hi Liam

Thanks for your reply.

I tried calling several times on 0800 275 269, waited for quite a bit but nobody answered my call.

I really need to sort this out.

I will try calling again.

Kia ora, it has been quite busy on the phones today, so thank you for your patience. As mentioned above, if you don’t have time to call us, send us a secure message via internet banking or the BNZ mobile app. ^Liam