Bank card

My name is Alan and I’m trying to help my friend to solve her EFTPOS card.

My friend has an active bnz account,but she is now living in oversea. She came back to Christchurch last month and ordered an EFTPOS card to be issued to her from Riccarton brunch, but the card could not be delivered to her on time.
Now, she has left the country but she still wants that EFTPOS card. We have been to the Riccarton brunch hoping we could collect the card and send it to her but we been told we are not authorized to help her to handle this matter. The staff told us to tell her to call the 0800 number, but she is living a a different time zone and not so confident to speak over the phone.

Do you have an email address that she could write her enquires to for this matter or a Japanese speaking staff who could help her on this?


Hi @Alanfeng! If your friend has Internet Banking, she can send us a Secure Message through the ‘Contact’ option. Alternatively, we do have an overseas number she can call us on: +64 4 931 8209. Thanks, Emma