Automatic Transfer


Is there any way to setup a automatic transfer between my accounts for something like the following scenario?

Pay my Savings account $50 every week, with the Final Payment date being 30/01/2018?

Currently, I can only set this to Every Week, with the Final Payment date reading Until Further Notice, which is greyed out and un-editable?



I can defiantly be done - are you using a pc or the app on you phone?

I am using both a PC and an Android phone. Both are greyed out.

Ok, well the first thing to do is make sure that you have the latest version of the app - the changes there are new so you have go to have the latest version.

The steps for AP (automatic payment set up) are all on the www - but the steps are also below.

PC :
1.From the main screen, click and drag the account you’d like to pay from, onto another account, a payee, or Someone new.
2.Enter amount and click More options. If you’re paying someone new, the options will already be displayed.
3.Select a start date for the payment.
4.Select a payment frequency by clicking in the Repeat field.
5.Enter statement details if you’d like to, and click Pay Now or Transfer Now.

Editing automatic payments
1.Click on the account that the automatic payment comes from.
2.Scheduled automatic payments will show under the Upcoming heading (which is located just above your account history).
3.Click on the payment that you want to edit.
4.In the pop-up, edit the details you want to change, including your final payment date.
5.Click Save, and then Confirm

The app has a similar process (just looks a bit different) - if it all gets to much or even just a little difficult the contact centre is open till 11 and always happy to walk though the steps and help to trouble shoot any issues.

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Thanks Charlotte,
Unfortunately that’s the exact way I am trying to do it, which just gives me a greyed out option.
Any other ideas on how to edit this field?

ok right - so if you save the ap - then go to the upcoming list and go into it should give you options for last payment dates based on the date/ day that you have set the payment up for. pcib (internet banking) needs to have it saved before making the list of available days. if its done thought the app you choose the amount of payments that you want to make rather than the day. luck!

I am creating a similar Automatic payment - I separate my wages on every working day.
I have set up my AP, however it is unclear whether “Daily” means every day (M-Sun), or every bank business day (M-F)
Can this be clarified please? I would want my AP to go M-Sat if possible.

Hi @OlympicB, thanks for your message. “Daily” means Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday are non business days so if you set AP up for Saturday, it will not go out till Monday/ next business day. Any further questions, please let me know :slight_smile: Thanks, Julia.