Automatic Payments on joint account

My wife and I have a joint account but we have a problem with automatic payments. We cannot both see all payments. We can both see some of the payments - with no obvious reason why (IE, “you see only the ones you have setup”, “only new ones”, etc).

Clearly on a joint account, all parties should be able to see ALL upcoming payments, yet we cannot.

Can you please help figure this out.


Hi Burfot

This sounds like an issue with how your Internet Banking is set up. If you call the Contact Centre on 0800 275 269 or send a secure message you can manually request the Automatic Payments be linked to your access and see about fixing the problem. This usually occurs when there are multiple accounts lists under your access number.

Regards, Hayden

I have send a secure message on internet banking.

I still have not heard anything back. Do read the secure messages sent via online banking?
It’s been sitting there since 30th of April…

So I just spoke to the callcentre (maybe the secure messages are “being worked on” - but I need an answer);

They advised me that for every payment that is setup I need to phone to “link that payment” to each login. Who designs these things? Do you have any idea what a “joint account” even means?

You can have a joint account; but neither party is allowed to see what’s happening with account. Also each party have to setup their own payees. This is not a solution.

Starting to be sorry we chose BNZ for this…

I’m having the same issue right now.

Is there any resolution planned, BNZ?

We shouldn’t have to call up to have new automatic payments manually linked to allow the other joint account holder to view/edit it.

Hi Thomas :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for your comment. I understand your frustration here, but at present, there is no resolution to fix this. When an Automatic Payment or new Bill Payee is set up, it is set up against the access number of the individual user, as Internet Banking/Mobile Banking is an individual channel. We can link these to the other joint account holder at your request, but this will remain a manual process for the time being. Regards, Alisha.

Can you at least build the functionality for the second access number to be able to edit the automatic payments of the automatic payment initiator?

Me and my partner do not have one person in charge of finances - we equally make/change automatic payments so we should have this functionality available to us.

Kiwibank can do it. Why can’t BNZ?

Hi Thomas, thank you for your feedback. I understand the benefits that it would provide customers with joint accounts like yourself, but this is not currently a process/function that we have plans to build into our Internet Banking. I have passed along your suggestions to our developers in the interim.
Regards, Alisha :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m also very annoyed by this. Almost created the same upcoming payment that my wife did. Also, when going to the account and looking at the Upcoming Payments I obviously need to see ALL the upcoming payments, not just the ones I created.

I’ve been testing BNZ for the last weeks trying to decide if I should move from my current bank but this is not helping :frowning:

Kia ora MattCosta, thanks for letting us know about this. I’ll send this through to our technical team so they are aware of the demand for it. The higher demand might help it become a priority to incorporate into our Internet Banking.
Ngā manaakitanga, Israel :slightly_smiling_face: