Automatic payments from app

I’ve just set up a new YouMoney account for my rent that I will put money into every pay day and want to set up an automatic payment to go out weekly to my landlord’s account. Can I do it from the YouMoney app? If I can, how do I do it?

Hi Rie,
Currently its not possible to set up an automatic payment from the Youmoney App.  :frowning:
However you can set it up your self for free using the BNZ internet banking on a desktop/laptop.

How you would do this is you will need to go to
1., click on the top right login button
2. login in to internet banking using your access number, password and netguard card.
3. This should launch the Youmoney internet banking,  (it should look similar to the app but on a desktop).
4. You will need to click on the MENU icon on the top left corner.
5. Choose the option “Switch to classic view” - This will take you to our earlier internet banking platform,  fear not you can also swtich back to Youmoney  by            selecting the option “switch to Youmoney” on the top of the page.
6. select “transfer/pay”  located on the top navigation bar.
7.  select “request a new automatic payment”  and fill in all the details.

This will send a request to BNZ to open the automatic payment, the  turn around should be up to 24 hours for it be established and show up on your “upcoming payments” option on Youmoney app and BNZ internet banking.

Hope this helps.


Hi Rie,

You can also setup an Automatic Payment from the YouMoney Internet Banking.  Here’s how:

  • Once logged into Internet Banking, select ‘Someone New’ under the ‘QuickPay’ menu at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter in the account number to pay from, and to, account name and amount of the payment.
  • Select ‘+ Date and Statement details’, you will see the option to ‘Repeat’, this is where you are making this payment an ‘Automatic Payment’
  • Select the start date
  • Add any references
  • Hit ‘Pay Now’, it will ask for your Netguard card info, and Save.

Once setup, you will be able to see the upcoming payment when you click on the account in YouMoney Internet Banking.  It will show up under the ‘Search Transactions’ box.

Have a look next time you are logged in! :slight_smile:


Don’t forget that you don’t need to just be paying someone new to start an automatic payment, you can drag and drop one account to another account or payee and also set the ‘Repeat’ option to create one.  The best thing about drag and drop is that the from and to fields will automatically be populated for you!


It would be useful to have this function available on the APP


I second this, I’d love to be able to make new automatic payments via the App.

Rest assured that bringing in the ability to create APs in the mobile app is on our list and we hope to have this out to you all early next year.

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@Milan Great stuff. Keep us posted.

Would also love to be able to delete accounts on app :slight_smile:

Any news on when AP are coming to the mobile app? Its letting the app down alot…

Hi @Roffy89 and @Rie,

Good news - Automatic Payments have been released today on the mobile app.
At this stage you can create and delete APs via the app, the ability to edit will be coming next year.



Just further to this, I wanted to include the basic instructions for creating and deleting APs on the mobile as we often get asked. To create, click on the menu, head to ‘Make a payment’ and set up from there. To delete an AP, go to upcoming payments in the menu, click on the payment you want to delete and click on the rubbish bin icon in the top right hand corner.