Automated Deposit Machines


So I must have been living under a rock. I’ve just visited BNZ Sylvia Park to deposit some cash, something I rarely do. I was directed to try these new, fancy-pants, self banking machines. They were fantastic!! In really busy branches I can see that they’ll save heaps of time. And it was great to have the money clear instantly into my account. Has anyone else used these yet?


@RC, I have used these machines before and they are just so handy, especially with depositing funds.  Shows up in the account straight away!


They are really handy, much handier than the older process of depositing via ATM! They must be a very recent addition to the branch though, I was the only person in the branch and they took great pleasure at directing me to the machine, and all showing me how to use it (even though it’s pretty straight forward). Great customer service, they were very sweet and clearly very excited to be showing someone!