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Are the fees charged for using a BNZ ATM that dispenses Australian Dollars the same as getting currency from a teller or are they different. As I only want to get AUD100 it seems a bit expensive to pay the minimum fee of $10.

Also on your website your ATM finder shows that the Queen Street ATM dispenses AUD but not the ATM’s at the airport, is this correct?


Hi @Sam01, the ATM charge for withdrawal of AUD100 is $5 (for withdrawals from a BNZ ATM in NZ). Over the counter foreign currency for the same amount would be $10, so an ATM withdrawal is definitely your cheapest option.

The BNZ ATMs in Auckland that dispense AUD are Albany, Takapuna, Newmarket and Queen Street - not Auckland Airport (the airport has got a contract with another foreign exchange provider that prohibit this).

Hope that helps!


Hi Yvonne,

What kind of exchange rate are we expecting for these AUD withdrawals?

Are we using Visa/Mastercard’s exchange rate + a margin; or is it the BNZ’s own exchange rate?


Hi @taless85, it’s BNZ’s rate - you should be able to see what it as at the time you go to make a withdrawal :slight_smile:


Hi - can you please confirm withdrawing AUD from an ATM then this fee does not apply?

Issue of Foreign cash 1% minimum $10.00

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Hello Lauren,

If you are withdrawing AUD from an ATM machine in New Zealand, there is the currency conversion fee of 2.25% of the NZD when the funds are converted. There is also the additional fee of $5 for withdrawing AUD from an ATM machine within New Zealand.

If you are overseas, you will still be charged the 2.25%pa currency conversion fee, as well as the overseas ATM withdrawal fee of $7.50 each time.



Thanks for your response. If I do the fx exchange in store am I charged currency conversion fee of 2.25%?

Simply put is is cheaper to use the ATM on queens st nz to get aud cash or walk into the branch?



It is cheaper for you to withdraw the funds at a BNZ Store. For this kind of withdrawal it is just the $10 or 1% (whichever is greater) of the converted amount.

If you like, you can also order foreign currency to be picked up from the BNZ Store you choose. To do this, please follow the link below:

Thanks, Krystal.