ATM changed?

Today I’ve noticed a sticker on a BNZ atm that I usually use which reads “This machine has been upgraded”.
What does that mean? Do we get new options at the ATM?

Hi @get, without knowing which ATM you’re referring to, I can’t be 100% sure - but this sounds like an upgrade to one of our Smart ATMs :smile:

BNZ Smart ATMs have a range of functionalities. They can:

•Accept deposits without the need for a bag or an envelope, and they confirm the deposit immediately.
•Make cash deposits immediately available to the customer.
•Accept cheque, note and coin deposits to BNZ transaction accounts, using an eftpos card, a dual card or a deposit card. (Note that coin deposit units will be available in selected stores only.)
•Accept cheque, note and coin deposits to BNZ Credit Cards, using the credit card they wish to deposit to.
•Allow customers to add a reference to the deposit.
•Allow customers to make a deposit without a card, giving the ability to deposit to somebody else’s BNZ account (for instance, Trade Me payments).

Please let me know if you need any clarification. Thanks, Emma

Hello Emma,
Thank you for your prompt reply.
The machine I am referring to is in Devonport, Auckland. Address is 35 Bartley Terrace, it’s just outside the New World supermarket.

Perfect, I am happy to advise that ATM is now a Smart ATM. You can check out what ATM functions are available on our website ATM Finder:

Thanks, Emma