ATM Card use denied while overseas

For the second time, I have had access blocked to my accounts while overseas.

The first time it was explained that the bank detected “suspected fraudulent use” overseas. 

Great! I’d often lived there for 10 years! So why the sudden panic?

No explanation, or excuse. Or apology.

Cancel the account, and issue a new card, which requires a return trip to NZ to activate the PIN!

Now it’s happened again. I’m overseas with no money, or phone, and the Bank in New Zealand tells me through the local bank “ring us and explain”! I was given the use of a local landline to call said bank’s 24/7 collect charge number, and, no reply! To several published numbers.

As the first card is still not working, I’m outta options!

They’d better answer the secure mail soon…

Hi @TravellingBroke, it can take up to 48 hours to receive a reply via secure mail, I’m happy to look into this for you if you’d like to send through your access number in a private message.

Hi Yvonne, Thanks for your message. Wow, 48 hours! I was thinking that urgent matters could be addressed by that method, but obviously it doesn’t pay to assume. When I couldn’t get through on the phone as I was instructed to do, I sent a secure message, and another a few hours later when there was no response. Early next morning local time here a reply had arrived assuring me that the account was working, just in time for my cross border train departure! Talk about cutting it fine…
No phone call needed, but communication could certainly be improved in many aspects.

Which country/region are you travelling in?

Living, working, travelling in Asia…

That was actually my first guess!  Asia.

Second guess was Eastern Europe.

Did you tell the bank what your plans were before you started?
I’m just curious as I intend on travelling through Asia soon and it would be great to be able to avoid this!

The bank has my mobile number. A couple of times while being in Asia, and USA, and Aussie, I have been called asking where I was and if spending on my card was actually me. I wonder if they would have blocked my card if they did not have my mobile number to contact me quickly?

Hi everyone, I’ve had a chat to our Fraud team who’ve filled me in on the process around putting blocks on accounts after ’s questions.

If a flag about unusual behaviour goes up on the account (this can be that the card is being used in a different country than usual, being used in multiple countries within a short period of time, or an unusual number of transactions, anything that is out of the ordinary really!) then our team looks at it and will go from there.  is right to query what area you are in as certain countries can be higher risk than others for fraud, and  is spot on about having contact details in our system - if we have a phone number the team will generally try to call to see what’s going on. Sometimes, though, you might just be unlucky enough to be caught up in a larger event around compromised cards - here’s a blogon examples of what might happen. 

It might be an idea to check with us via secure channel (call or send secure message) just to make sure you’d got a cell phone number on file and also advise of location/travel plans before you go so that when the team looks they have all that information on hand.