APs in business banking


Is there a way I can amend/delete APs that are set up in business banking? I cant see anywhere I can do this?

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Hey @KD1,

It would depend on your level of authority in Internet Banking for Business but if you do have authority you can make changes to an existing automatic payment or choose to skip a payment.

Go to the ‘Transfer/Pay’ tab of Internet Banking for Business:
•choose ‘Transfer and Payments List’ from the left-hand menu
•find the payment you want to make changes to
•make your changes, or choose ‘Suspend cycle’ to skip a payment
•click on ‘Review’ to finish creating the payment
•click on ‘Confirm’ ‐ your payment is now ready to be authorised.

If you have any issues, it’d be best to check with your Administrator or give us a call on 0800 269 4242 (0800 BNZ IB4B)

Have a good weekend :slight_smile: