Approx budget for decorating baby's room?

I’ve just been reading up on the baby budget calculator from BNZ (pretty cool) and the tips for budgeting for baby, and one of the things I’ve been thinking about lately is how much to budget for decorating the nursery/baby’s room. I know it can get really expensive really fast judging by the cost of things in stores, so I’m hoping to be able to do a lot of it myself but would love any tips or ideas from people who are a little more crafty than I am!

Things like decorations that are easy to make, do I need to invest in a different (safer) kind of paint or will normal wall paint be ok?, ideas for useful furniture etc.

Would like to have a nicely decorated room for as little as possible as I’m probably going to buy the cot, matteress and carseat brand new (great tip from the other baby thread here!)

Regular interior paint is all good.

Most of our furniture we bought new (kitset cot prices are all over the place, so shop around), but when we’ve gotten things off Trade Me we’ve found that whoever’s selling often has other useful stuff that they’re trying to find a new home for. Gotta love freebies.

What about getting friends around to help with the decorating to save on tradesmans fees for painting/papering . Get into the spirit of it by having a theme and making it fun.There are also lots of free stuff websites like