Apple Watch app mobile net guard limit

Hi there, with the release of WatchOS3 I went to add BNZ to my dock so I could get an idea of balances quickly without having to reach for my phone each time. I was a little surprised to see that having it on my watch and phone would require me to disable it off my iPad, especially as the watch app is so closely tied to the phone app. Is there any way around this limit or the ability to make mobile net guard a 2 + watch type scenario. I understand wanting to limit it to 2 devices but the watch seems an unnecessary exclusion for only checking balances, something anyone on my phone could do with quick balances anyway.

Also is there any news on Apple Pay seeing as ANZ is now bringing it out next month?


Completely agree with this.

Can’t enable my iPad access without dropping either my phone or watch :grimacing:

Hi @RV1 and @Thomas,

Thanks for the feedback, we will have a look at what is involved in allowing 3 mobile NetGuard tokens per customer.


I guess it’s changed recently, because I’m pretty sure I had it on all 3 devices…

Hi @Thomas,

The original app on WatchOS 1 did not require Mobile NetGuard, but this changed for WatchOS 2 and above.