Apple Pay

Totally agree with you. BNZ could of been the only NZ bank to cover the 2 big mobile OS but it all comes down to money. And BNZ care more about their bottom line profit than offering a service that their customers actually want. Not to mention that they are owned by NAB who have opposed Apple pay in OZ.


When is Apple Pay coming to BNZ customers? Been reading a lot of comments saying there would be more information soon, but still nothing yet?? How can BNZ compete with other competitors like ANZ when they can’t keep up with new technology? If Apple Pay doesn’t come to BNZ soon I’ll be moving back to ANZ

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I’m keen for this as well as I have an iPhone…but I got a 5s not a 6 so can’t even use ANZ anyway. BNZ should please get iPhone 5-capable ApplePay aye?

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I have a apple phone and couldn’t care less about Apple Pay. Bnz keep doing what you’re doing

You obviously don’t understand what these posts are all about. Maybe stick to what you know.

Don’t be so condescending. If I had it then yeah it could be cool but it’s not a big deal to me. I’m not going to leave one bank to join another if they got it like some people have, nor am I going to have a moan about it on a community page. It’s just not that big of a deal.

Just ask apple to reduce its fees. Open up the NFC to other vendors… ? Tried ?

BNZ are using the standard Android Pay, so that didn’t require an opening up of the Android NFC ecosystem. I think that is a bit of a red herring.

Only visa debit cards can be used with Android Pay, so not really of that much benefit to me.

Hurry up with the Apple Pay, please!

I’ve seen ANZ customers using it and it is very tempting to open an ANZ account so I can get Apple Pay.

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If you couldn’t care less about it then why comment on a forum about it? You then say if you did have it it could be cool? I don’t think you really understand what this is all about. Maybe educate yourself first before commenting then your comments may actually be of some benefit. :partyparrot:

Hi everyone, let’s keep the conversation on-topic and positive please :slight_smile: I’m going to close out this thread now as it looks like there’s no new information of use to contribute.