Apple Pay: Have you joined the future?

It’s been a few weeks since we released Apple Pay with BNZ, so we’re keen to hear how it’s working out for you. Personally, after living in China for 5 years, where 99% of my payments were made via mobile, I’m over the moon to see BNZ pushing forward with these mobile wallet technologies! The comments across Facebook and Twitter have been great, with some of you saying you feel like you’re “from the future” :grin: And it seems we’ve got some great poets amongst us, too: “I once was lost, with doubt and dismay. But today’s the day, I found out @BNZ now support Apple Pay.”

So, how’s Apple Pay helped you to be good with money? Is there anything you’d like to change? Let us know.

No worries if you haven’t signed up to Apple Pay yet. You can find out what all the fuss is about here:

Seamless to setup, surprised the wallet remembered my card from my failed attempt to load it before the bnz service was available. My first apple pay day was very mixed.

First the barbers, no paywave so out comes the card. Second, Noel Leeming with card and phone both at the ready and “bing” first success on Apply Pay. Third, Countdown with both, and “bing” another success. Fourth, Mitre10 and I am on such a roll I forget to take the plastic card into the shop. Big mistake! Paywave is available, but the reader will not “read the card”, so had to leave the purchases on the counter and retrieve the card from the car. Not a good look.
Fifth and final, Super Liquor and without Paywave the phone stays in the pocket and I manage to lose the card again, but after a bit of fumbling I find it and got the purchase done.

Ultimately, a couple of highs but not a great day. I’ll stick to the plastic card I can rely on every time until Paywave is more readily accepted, and the POS terminals are brought up to spec (both Mitre10 and New World take Paywave but not Apple Pay). Took me back to the last millennium, when we used to carry both cheque book and Switch card (now Maestro), if anyone remembers that.

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Haha, the days of cheque books - already seems so outdated!

There’s definitely still more to be done for Apple Pay to be adopted nationwide, but the larger the community of people requesting it is, the better. Don’t give up! :wink:

Thanks Lawrence, does anyone know what the problem is with the card readers ? They were both Payment Express and Paywave enabled.

I’ve checked with the team and they’re not aware of any generic issue with Payment Express readers, nor those in Mitre 10 or New World. Could you identify the specific stores and if possible the terminal ID from the receipt? Then we could look into it for you :slight_smile:

Love it so far for both the Visa Debit and Visa Credit Card however is there a time line to when the MasterCard Low Rate will be supported or are there other plans in store that’ll be released in the next few months?

Hey @MatisyahuGardiner, thanks for the question. I’m just awaiting on a response from my colleagues working on Apple Pay - we’ll get back to you asap. Thanks, Lawrence

Cool, the reason why I ask is that ASB was rolling out something a few years ago but they left out supporting their MasterCard low rate because they eventually replaced it with a Visa Low Rate which makes me wonder whether BNZ will be doing the same thus standardise all on VISA. Oh well, working on paying off my ASB Low Rate before I move that last piece of the puzzle to BNZ.

Thanks a lot for your patience on this @MatisyahuGardiner! I’m afraid we currently have no plans to include Mastercard, but if this changes we’ll give everyone a heads up. Any other questions let us know :slight_smile: