Apple Pay Double Rewards

Hi guys quick question. As a bit of a geek I actually read through the terms and condition of this promo, been using paywave like crazy it’s great!!
Currently overseas for the holidays, and been using paywave here as well with my BNZ credit card. That’s also included right? It’s still a valid purchase. I can’t see anything in t&c excluding international transactions…

Just to be sure (and also my geekiness talking) I’ve been taking screenshots of my Apple Wallet transactions and when the statement comes for the January double rewards payout i’ll try and see if it balances out. :wink:

Sorry quick question not so quick: international purchase transactions made via applepay (paywave), are they also included in double rewards?

Hi @Mooree, thanks for your question :slight_smile: Transactions made overseas where contactless payment is accepted will definitely earn double rewards during the promotion period - the only ones that aren’t eligible are listed in the Ts & Cs. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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When will these double rewards be added to our flybuys account?

Hi @kieren, the double rewards will be included in your next monthly statement after the 19/01/18. You should see the bonus Fly Buys points in your account shortly after that. I hope you’re enjoying Apple Pay!

Absolutely loving it Jeff!
So glad BNZ has Apple Pay now. I know many people who are now considering moving to BNZ because of the support of first party contactless payment systems.