Apple Pay at BNZ



We are hugely excited to confirm that Apple Pay will be available to BNZ customers later this month. Stay tuned for more information coming soon! In the meantime, have a read of the article below, and check out our website to ensure you’ve got the card(s) you’ll need to get started on launch day :slight_smile:

BNZ launching Apple Pay after customer feedback shows demand


Great news and hopefully every time I use Apple Pay it can count towards my 5 a day !!!

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Great news! Thanks for getting this launched.


Nice work guys, you have taken the very probing questions from the community very well over the least year or more, and want to say thanks for listening. This will be my default way to pay from now on. Good on you for coming to the party!


Thanks @kiwisouth4, it’s really hard not to share when you know good news is coming, but the team have done an amazing job to pull this off and we’re all as excited as you are to give it a go later this month!


After the initial uproar and no hope in the distance of Apple Pay coming to BNZ a year ago, our wish has been granted! Thank you guys for pulling through and making this available to us! Now I’ve got no reason to switch banks what-so-ever. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Is that a new design for the advantage credit card in the promo photo @Yvonne? :heart_eyes:


Yes! The BNZ Advantage Visa Classic, should be in customers hands later this year :+1:


Awesome! It looks great. Will the platinum get a face lift too?


Not sure at this stage, will keep you posted if the others get similar treatment :slight_smile:


Thanks! Can’t wait. Gonna be hard to use Apple Pay when the physical card design looks that good!


What great news it was for a Monday, Im so happy BNZ have jumped on board, I have already requested a Visa to replace my MasterCard and cancelled my accounts with ANZ, Good Work BNZ Im glad you heard our voices and jumped on board, if only other companies listened to their customers like you do. I cant wait for the release date!!


Ooo … software updates occurring this weekend on ATMs etc … does that Go Live is now very near?


Great minds think alike, I have been thinking the same thing and checking the website constantly to see if there is an update for when it goes live