App authenticator issue

The issue I am experiencing is:
I receive authentication push-notifications on my cell and tablet which are both running the BNZ app. I login to the app and then have to resend the auth notification. This appears to be a bug.

Devices: Samsung S6 and Tab S2 running Android 7.0.

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Hi @michaelnz,

If you tap on the notification the app will launch. You don’t need to login, just wait and the authentication request will appear. We have an enhancement coming soon where you will be able to approve/deny the authentication request directly from the notification which will make things even quicker.



It’s not working like that for me.

  1. Receive push-notification and select this
  2. Login
  3. Resend at the website
  4. Works this time

Ok, that is strange. Once the app is launched and you leave it on the login screen the authentication request doesn’t show? If you login this will most likely mean you have to resend.

If you still have issues private message me your Access ID and we can take a look to see what is happening.

I have retried it and the app just pauses on the login screen if no login info is entered (fingerprint or PIN).