Annual Fees

So, if I decided to follow AirNZ over to Westpac Airpoints effective 1 May and my annual fee is to be charged in say April are you still going to charge the fee?

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It really would be nice to see an answer from BNZ to this question, and to the broader one of refund of the unused portion of annual fees at whatever time the card account is terminated. It is, after all BNZ which is breaching the conditions of the contract.

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I too want a straight and honest answer to this question. As of 1 May we are no longer entitled to receive the benefits we signed up for or  subsequently renewed in the expectation of continuity. No doubt there is buried in the terms and conditions a purported power to alter those unilaterally, but the withdrawal of the airpoints programme is so fundamental a change as to render any such  alteration power bereft of substance because it involves what the law calls a fundamental breach. The bank has effectively given short term notice of its determination to breach in crucial substance its contracyptbwith its customers.

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The awkward to use webpage face when an iPad is used can take the blame for the degree of gibberish attaching to my last sentence which of course was intended to end ‘its  contract with its customers’.

Hi all, apologies for the delay in response.

To answer your question, @kentaylor , fee rebates is something we’re looking at on a case by case basis. We have just announced a reduction in fees, you can check them out here:

We’d love for you to give us a ring and have a chat through your options.

So Yvonne, that’s not a “yes” but not a “no” so it must be a “maybe”, or “maybe not” - not very helpful I’m afraid. Thanks for your offer to ring but I think I understand my options having compared BNZ, ANZ, Westpac and Kiwibank. Sorry, but BNZ is lagging way behind in this race for my credit card business.

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