Android Pay - Reliable?


Waited for 10 days for Debit Visa to arrive so I could use Android Pay and now when I click on Add card it says “Network Error” - Sorry, we were unable to process your request"


Called Technical support and they have no idea of what needs to be done to fix this issue… I guess I am better off using my ANZ account as dealing with BNZ only adds to my frustration.

Very disappointing to say the least!


Hi @andrewlall. some trouble shooting to try: your mentioned the card is new, has it been activated? Another thing to check is that the account linked to the card you’re trying to activate has available funds (i.e. is not in negative balance). Let me know if neither of those make a difference. @Eric, is there anything else Andrew can try?


Hey @andrewlall,

Is it alright if I give you call to try and work through this? Send me a private message with details if that is OK.



It has miraculously started working again, card added now :slight_smile:

Question- I use a work and personal phone, can you use the same card/android pay on 2 devices?


Hey @andrewlall,

Good news!

Yes, you can use the same card across many devices, you will need the BNZ app on each phone.