Android Pay on Android Wear smartwatch



Does Android Pay currently work with Android Wear smartwatches(e.g. Huawei Watch2)?

I try to add my visa flexi debit but always it always fails. Similar experience to what happens when I tried to add the card via the Android Pay app on the phone. Clicking on the AndroidPay button in the BNZ app worked on the phone, but there is nothing like that for the watch.

Has anyone been able to get this to work?



Hi @Yuero,

Is it OK if I give you a call and get a few more details?

If so - can you private message me your best contact number?



Hi Eric,

Thanks for responding, actually I just gave it another shot, and this time it has gone thru successfully!!
I wonder if the previous times, my address was incorrect (e.g. no suburb specified).

So can confirm that it works with Android Wear :smile:


Awesome - that’s great.


So when can we pay with the gear s3? This was one of the main reasons I bought the s3 knowing I could android pay with my note 5 using NFC.


Hi @Tgaguy,

Unfortunately, Samsung watches don’t currently use Android Wear OS. They use their own Operating System called Tizen. So, Android Pay won’t work on a Gear S3.

This may change for future versions Samsung watches, but this is obviously out of our control.

You currently need a device running Android Wear 2.0 to use Android Pay on a watch. More details here -

Sorry this won’t work for you.


NFC payments on Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch

@Tgaguy I believe that the Gear S3 / Samsung only supports Samsung Pay (which is different from Android Pay) I’m not sure any of the NZ banks currently support Samsung Pay :frowning:


I wonder if BNZ will ever support Samsung pay considering the large amount of devices out there? MST it also useable on a larger variety of terminals from what i read in the forums.


We’re keeping an eye on Samsung Pay, but there are no solid plans on this at the moment. @Eric can you confirm the current situation?



Yes that’s correct. No plans for Samsung Pay at the moment, but as always, we keep an eye on developments and things can change.



Any updates for this?
I know its only been 8 months since this last post but in reality 8 months is a long time in the technology world.
Keen Samsung user here and I see, looking at the most recent stats, so are a larger proportion of NZ device users.


Hey @UncleHobby, thanks for checking is. I’m afraid nothing has changed in this space recently, but as Eric mentioned we are continuing to monitor. If we make any changes we’ll definitely let you know :slight_smile: Thanks,