Android Pay is here!


I think you’ll find OneCard uses the mag strip, not a bar code. The barcode on current cards is used for AA Smartfuel and the mag strip for Countdown OneCard (AA Smartfuel may be encoded on the mag strip also, but they only scan the barcode). Two different numbers (SmartFuel and OneCard), two different systems. You might be able to add the AA Smartfuel barcode though. Although, I’m not sure either system will work through the Android Pay mechanism. Will look into it I guess!


Hi @brboo and @Stu,

I asked Google this question, was advised that you need to scan the loyalty card’s barcode that appears in the phone. If there is no barcode, this wont work, sorry.

I believe there is a ‘SmartTap’ feature that will work much like a payment on your phone for loyalty cards. But this has not been released in New Zealand as yet.

More details here -



Any update on when credit cards will be added?


Hi Sam,

We are working on it, but it’s still a few months off yet.



Been a while since Android Pay was released but still no sign of credit cards being added.Will it ever happen or is it just a ploy to get more customers on to the Flexi Debit card & pay more in bank fees?


Hi Eric
Is there a fix for this ‘sign receipt’ issue now?



Yes there is a fix. However, it’s a fix that happens at the terminal, not the BNZ app or Android Pay. So it’s up to the terminal provider to roll it out.



Update on Credit cards?

Comment on Jan 30 said it was a few months away, 5 months later???

Is this coming soon?



We are working on it. I promise. It’s still at lest 2 months off, but we are getting closer.



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