Android Pay is here!


I’m happy to say that Android Pay is here and you can start using it today!

If you have a BNZ Flexi Debit card and an Android device OS 4.4 or higher you can download the app and start using it immediately.

The benefits of being able to pay with your phone are somewhat obvious, but I’m really excited about the future of ecommerce improvements, in-app and on Google Chrome, that partnering with Google will allow for our customers.

This is just for Flexi Debit customers at this stage, but it’s only the beginning of the Cards work we have planned, adding Visa Credit Cards is definitely on our list for the not too distant future.

If you have an EFTPOS card, and want to upgrade to a Flexi Debit, you can do that here -

To set up Android Pay, you will need the latest version of the BNZ app and the Android Pay app, the whole process should only take a couple of minutes.

You can see more details here:

Let me know how you get on, or of any improvements you would like to see around BNZ Cards on the Mobile apps?



Hi Eric

Excellent news indeed. Are you able to advise on when credit cards will be able to be used?



Hi @Stu credit cards are definitely coming, will be next year, working hard on that now !

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Thank Nick!

Will let you get back to the grind stone then!


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Great news!!


Awesome :partyparrot:

The set-up was a breeze - thanks guys :slight_smile:


Hi @Eric
I have installed Android Pay and used it for the first time yesterday (it was easy!!! :slight_smile: ). To my surprise I had to sign the receipt for a $3.90 pay-wave transaction! Not what I expected. I have submitted feedback via the BNZ website with my customer ID but though i would mentioned it here for comment. Hopefully a setting and not a software bug. Thoughts?

Hi @Topcat12,

Glad you like it! And thanks for the feedback.

There is a known issue with some terminals, where you will get asked to sign for the purchase, the transaction will complete and you don’t actually need to sign. However, it’s not a great experience.
The terminal manufactures are aware of the issue and have a fix, but it will take a few month to get rolled out to all the machines.


Thanks @Eric. Fyi, the transaction took place at a Z store where I bought a coffee. So I assume this would apply at all Z stores.

Hey @Topcat12,

Yes - we do know there are a lot of these terminals at Z stores. However you can still use Android pay there, the transaction will go through as normal, you may just be asked to sign (which you don’t need to do).


How long does it take for transactions to show in your account

Hi Eric, will wait until other cards (credit) can be loaded. The retail outlets that currently won’t accept credit cards are likely to not have paywave either meaning almost nowhere it has any use to me.

Are there benefits from using this beyond the paywave function that are not immediately obvious?

@Moose. The Flexidebit transaction from your BNZ Android Pay Wallet will adjust your account balance immediately. The online transaction history currently updates within the next 24-48hrs but we are currently working on adding it to your online history a few seconds after you’ve completed the transaction.

Hi @nextdoor,

You will also get the benefit of using Android Pay when making payments online via your phone. Once retailers integrate with the Android Pay API, you can make payments without having to re-enter your Credit Card details. See screen shot below, this is a real world example, that customers can use today.


Hi @Eric, has there been any other issues with EFTPOS machines declining payments? I tried getting something at Starbucks and it declined.

Having said that, the barista did mention Tues the same thing was happening with Apple Pay, so it might be an issue with just Starbucks.

Hi @Daniel,

Yes, there is an issue with some terminals at Starbucks, where payments wont go through.

However we are working through this, and the vast majority of terminals in the New Zealand market will work without an issue.


Android pay seems to accept payments from Flexi Debit cards fine. But my Countdown Onecard loaded into the phone produced ‘Loyalty Card not registered’ message at the checkout terminal. Using the actual onecard worked ok.

Hi @brboo,

Were you trying to scan the barcode of the card in the Android Pay app?


Nope. I entered the Onecard number into the app manually. At the checkout I opened Android Pay, selected that OneCard, held it to the terminal, and the terminal message was “card not registered”.