Android Pay and credit cards


Hi Eric,

Are you able to confirm that tomorrow (July 18) the launch day for Android Pay on credit cards?

Cheers, Matt.

Android Pay is here!
Android Pay is here!

Have just added my Visa card through the BNZ app. Thanks team! Very much appreciate your effort!


Hi Guys,

I was just about to jump on BNZ community and let everyone know you can now add an BNZ Visa Credit Card to Android Pay. However it looks like @Stu and @MattH have beaten me to it!

I hope you guys like it, let me know how you get on?

In other news you can now also edit an automatic payment in the app - @Nemo will have more on this soon.



Hi Eric. I added my card with no problems.

Many thanks for the team effort in making this happen.

Cheers, Matt


Any idea when this will be available to Mastercard credit cards?


How’s that for timing - 2 months + 1 day since @Eric said it was at least 2 months off!
@andrewlall @MattH @Stu


Used Android Pay with my Visa this morning. Worked perfectly!


Cheers #BNZ for Android Pay…finally. Had put in my diary so @ 6.44 am I added my Visa to AP via the BNZ app…easy peasy!! Off now to use it. Thanks again team.


Hi Stu,

As part of the team that delivered AP, your appreciation means a lot. Do let us know how you get on :slight_smile:


Hi @scrantinax,

So that we could get the largest number of customers using Android Pay we have integrated with Visa Token Services (VTS). This allows us to offer Android Pay to both Flexi Debit and Visa Credit Card customers.

Using tokenization technology ensures that a customer’s 16-digit card number isn’t stored on the mobile device. Instead a replacement 16 digit number is masked in a token on the phone. Each token can only be used once.

This ensures an extremely high level of security and protects against fraud, however as we are using VTS and not the MasterCard equivalent we can only provision Visa products.

Hope this makes sense.


Apple Pay is here!

All I can say is AWESOME - been using the Android pay with my credit card for the last 2 weeks and LOVE it… especially as I could load my loyalty cards also… now just take my phone out to lunch and shopping :slight_smile: happy customer here :+1: