Android app ideas

Hi I love the mobile banking app on my android phone . I have a few ideas I would love to see added to the app are below .

The ones I find the best are paying someone using there mobile phone txt or email or a Facebook friend. ASB has these on there mobile banking app already. It’s a feature I know a lot of people would use. Also card control. Again like ASB the ability to temporarily suspend a card set a limit for withdrawals turn off the paywave function etc etc would be really cool if you could make these editions I’m sure a lot of customers would be super happy…


Hi @timdevaneynz

Thanks for your ideas.  We always keep an eye on what the competition is up to.  The card controls thing is one we are looking at internally now, so no timing yet but it is on our radar.  We have also looked hard at making payments to aliases like email and mobile numbers etc and based on the volume of those payments coming into BNZ accounts there are very few people out there using these features so we have focused our team on solving things customers have been asking us for most.  But this doesn’t mean to say never, but just not the most important thing on our radar right at the moment.