An important message from Spark

Here at BNZ, we are seeing cases of ‘PC Technical Support’ scams. These scams usually involve offenders calling people claiming to be employees from ‘Spark’ or other seemingly legitimate companies.

Victims are informed of a serious issue with their computers or utilities and are persuaded to provide personal details in order to remedy the fault. Either one-off credit card payments are obtained or customers are socially engineered to install remote access tools that allow offenders to access the person’s computer. The person then unwittingly authorises fraudulent funds transfers that have been set up by the offenders without their knowledge.

Spark has released a statement below to assist their customers with awareness regarding this scam type. They also request the scam details are emailed to

Unwanted or scam calls

If you get a call from someone who says they’re from Spark, take note of the following:

From time to time we will contact you proactively, usually to check you are happy with your account and our service. We may ask you to change your settings or adjust your equipment. Please note we will never call you out of the blue and ask for personal information like bank account or credit card details. If someone calls out of the blue and says they are from Spark, and asks for this information, be suspicious. If in doubt, end the call. You can always contact us to double check whether the call was legitimate.

Feel free to pass this information on to friends and family as awareness assists in preventing further victims! Thanks! :slight_smile: