Amend references during bill payment process

At the moment in IB4B it’s not possible to amend references as part of the payment process. The only way to change the reference on a bill payment is to go into the saved payee contact, edit and then go and make the payment.

Can we get this fixed asap?

Hi @jessearcher, we agree! We know it is a pain point and it regularly comes up in conversations we have with customers, so it is very much on our list of improvements we need to do.

I’m afraid we haven’t been able to get to it immediately as we are currently working on other pieces of functionality for other customers, but this is definitely something we want to solve.

There are some workarounds which may help, depending on your circumstances and use patterns - let me know if you are interested in finding out more and I will message you with more info.

Alternatively, if you want to give us some feedback when we start developing this enhancement, I would be happy to make sure we get in touch.

Sorry again this is a painpoint and that we cannot fix it immediately, but we definitely want to fix it soon!

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Hi @jessearcher, you can now do this in the latest version of our mobile business banking app (search BNZ Business in the Google Play or Apple stores). When you make a bill payment, there’s an option to check or change statement details. Tap that option and you can make reference changes on the fly. Any changes made won’t affect your saved payee details though.

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I too am greatly frustrated at this. Often one needs to change the reference details to an existing payee. I tried to do this the other day for an existing payee-a Govt Dept. I selected Edit , made the necessary changes pressed save , then got Webpage unrecoverable, It did recover itself and the original references had not been changed. I tried 3 times with exactly same response. I then rang BNZ Contact Centre. I find it infuriating to get the automated voice messages (while on hold) " do you know that on our website you can etc.". No I can’t which is why I am phoning. I got through comparatively quickly and was told if I wanted to make the editing I needed to delete the payee and set that payee up again with new reference details. I would automatically be charged a “New payee” fee in that instance. The BNZ Contact Centre person was able to do the editing for me but that completely defeats the purpose of using Internet banking. If users cannot edit can BNZ please delete that Tab “Edit Payee” from the screen. Editing a payee reference is commonplace in business.

Hi @jessearcher,
Have you looked at doing them as a Template payment - everything in the payee details (Particulars, Code & Reference fields) is fully editable when making a payment.
Next time you log into IB4B - When you have a chance - select the ‘Transfer/Pay’ section along the top of the page. On the left menu - select ‘Template List’ - then ‘Create Template’.
You can set up your Payee (just once) and add future payees later.
When you make a payment you can do many payments to various people (or just 1), just by selecting the radio button for ‘as individualised transactions’ - makes it look like a whole lot of Bill Payments on your bank account records.
If you need help, phone our dedicated IB4B Helpdesk Team on ph 0800 269 4242 . They’re a team of specialists who can help you one-on-one.

When making the Bill Payment you have an agreement in place for W Payee and this agreement says that for a/c number it is x and for particulars it is always X, code is always Y and reference always Z.

By the sounds of it, you are wanting to make a change on the fly, which as it stands just now, would not match your bill payment agreement, and that has to be amended first, that would allow the payment to be made using new details and then that would have the new details in place for going forward.

Is that what you are hoping for or are you saying I only want to have a one off change to allow the payment to go through but retain the contents going forward of the original details of the Bill payment Agreement?

I am pleased to see today that BNZ has acted on my suggestions and allowed me to edit the References for a Payee and save it.
Bonzo , the agreement with the Payee is not for a Permanent Reference
The Payee wants to be able to identify the source of their Deposit.
In my latest instance the payee is ACC and each year they allocate a different 12 month period on their invoice and ask that you change the Invoice Nr on the Reference section to show their new Invoice Nr.