Airpoints / Flybuys / Rewards on debit cards

I have a Air NZ Airpoints card which doubles as a Flybuys card (Flybuys are automatically converted to Air Points). I noticed on the Air NZ website points can be incurred on a Westpac Mastercard debit card and I confirmed this at the Westpac site (1)

All banks offer a credit card which incurs rewards but not everyone wants a credit card. I use Visa Debit very often. I think this would be a winner for BNZ and generate additional profit through interchange fees.


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Thanks Michaelnz, I’ve been annoyed for a while about losing the ability to convert FlyBuys I have earn via FlyBuys to Airpoints. I should have picked it up earlier… just use my AirNZ Airpoints/FlyBuys card instead of my standard FlyBuys card . Cheers.

For the sake of clarity - the cards I am referring to acquire Air Points or Flybuys based on spend. There is no requirement for the retailer to be a member of either scheme and any points they offer are in addition.