After Hours Contact - largetransactions

Monday evening:
Are you kidding? The first call was a 20 minute wait with no answer and so far I’m currently at 18 minutes and still no rely.
I’m buying a house for goodness sake and cannot find a simple solution to exceeding my daily limit which is obviously a lot more.
Come on BNZ - get it together - this just shouldn’t happen in 2018!!!

Hey @dianemb1959, sorry to hear about your experience - did you get this resolved in the end? If you’d like to private message me your access number I’ll happily investigate this for you.

Hi Lawrence,
Not sure there is anything you can do.
After waiting for so long for someone to answer the phone on BNZ’s after hours number I endured the same thing during work hours the next day. Something is most certainly wrong here. Why offer a service when you cannot deliver?
Either BNZ need to increase call center staff numbers or they need to change their call center provider.

I am aware that our contact centre has been going through a number of changes recently, which are primarily aimed at: (1) reducing overall wait times and (2) providing a better experience for all of our customers. However, this has initially lead to some longer wait times at certain times of the day. Rest assured though, we’re working on it and this will eventuate into a much better experience in the long run. Regardless, I’ll definitely pass your feedback onto the contact centre and other relevant team members. Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any other feedback for us.