Adjustable PayWave threshold

There has been some discussion here about an option to disable contactless credit card transactions. Personally, I find contactless transactions very convenient, but I am uncomfortable with the $80 threshold above which a PIN is required.

I think a good solution to both concerns would be to allow customers to set their own “PIN required” threshold. I would set mine at about $20, and somebody wanting to disable it completely could set it at $0.


Hi @gmandeno

This is something we have looked at previously and to cut a long story short, the way the contactless limit is controlled is not simple to change. Essentially these limits are held in 2 places, on terminals and card chips, so personalised management of these feels like it should be simple, but would require a bunch changes to the way the industry processes payments at a terminal.

We are certainly thinking about giving customers more control over some aspects of their cards, and hopefully this could roll out later this year or early next.


After many years and with my other accounts at BNZ I switched our credit card to ASB as it has adjustable pay wave options.


as in you can turn paywave on or off right ? not set a pin limit

Yes, you can turn paywave off or on via their phone app, even without using
internet banking. This ability was not present with BNZ when we switched.


other than wanting to turn paywave off when you lose your card, I do not see much use for that option?

The option is useful whenever you don’t want to use payWave such as always.

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Steven Molotsky


Like the idea that you will give us more control over our accounts. I don’t think Visa/Master card really take into account the 3-4 seconds its takes me to enter my pin is actually worth the stress of having the potential of my card being used freely by a third party. Really contactless potentially saves me a maximum of 12 seconds of my life per day, not really a big deal for me, get rid of it.


That’s why I think the best solution would be to set your own “PIN Required” threshold. If you don’t want your card to EVER be used freely by a third party, for ANY amount, then set the threshold to zero.

The contactless technology eliminates the time-consuming palaver when a slightly defective machine says “Insert card … oops! … swipe it … oops … nah … insert it again”.

I LIKE being able to spend $350 in a supermarket, wave my wallet at the machine, and type in my PIN. I DON’T like being able to spend $79 at the same supermarket and complete my purchase with no credential verification at all.

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