Address Updates and New Cards

So… 8 months ago when me and my partner moved into a new property, we updated our address details via Internet Banking. 

When I went to get my morning coffee on Tuesday, to my surprise, my Visa Debit card declined due to the card being expired. 

My question for BNZ - why are new cards sent to a “physical” address (which cannot be updated via Internet Banking) when I have a current mailing address set on my account? Wouldn’t it make sense to send the new card to my mailing address? 

Also, what is your process for returned mail? Apparently my card made it’s way back to you. Why was I not called and asked to confirm my address?

Hi Thomas, I’ve followed up on this for you - will send you a private message to let you know what happened with your specific situation. With regards to returned mail process, I got in touch with the team that deals with returned mail and they let me know that due to the volume of mail that is returned it’s just not feasible to contact every single customer (it’s really resource intensive) so what they do is make a note in our system that the address is out of date so that the next time the customer interacts with us there is a flag that prompts us to clarify the address.

Hi @Yvonne,

A simple solution would be to send a text message (or email) to customers that have had returned mail, requesting them to phone the call centre to update their details.

If the team currently make a note in the system of returned mail, it’s not hard to create a batch process that identifies these customers and sends them a text or email.

Thanks for looking into the issue.

Hi Thomas, I think they currently only make note of returned cards (I’d have to double check) but I like that idea and will pass it on to the team :slight_smile:

Had (another) annoying change of address experience.

This time I did it all by phone.

Called up to change my address on all my accounts (including credit card and a joint account with my partner). Once my addresses were updated, I passed the phone onto my partner so she could update hers too. This was done successfully.

A week later BNZ sent a letter to my partner asking to confirm the address change. The letter wanted confirmation to change the address from our new address to our new address, for our joint account.

My partner called up to check why she received the letter and if her addresses were correct. They were correct. On the call they also advised MY addresses had not been updated… So I called up and checked - they were updated.

What and why did this happen?

What’s up with your ‘address change’ processes, BNZ?

BNZ must have an automated process which sends an sms and email to intimate that they are sending the card and minimum ETA. A confirmation message asking user to respond that they have the card at hand. This is even done in 3rd world countries.

Hi @Thomas, from what I can see it was human error this time - my contact in the team said that usually you can tick Present/Not Present in relation to changes like this and if the other person is ‘Not Present’ then the letter sending process is triggered. Sounds to me like the person you spoke to completed the task with you on the phone, and ticked ‘Not Present’ for your partner before they spoke to her. Sounds like they then spoke to your partner and went on to change her addresses to the new one, but obviously hasn’t amended the joint account task to note she was aware of the change.

Disappointed you’ve had these issues, sorry about that :disappointed: I’ve asked my contact to put a note on your account about this and done a reminder of correct process for the person you spoke to.

Thanks for checking this out.

It’s all good now - the addresses are correct :slight_smile: