Additional home loan info on mobile app

It would be great if you could see the fixed term end date for home loans, and the expected end date of the loan. I pretty much do all my banking within the mobile app, but have to use the online version to see this.

Thanks for this feedback @cxkiwi. These changes are definitely on our list of future improvements, as well as adding the ‘Change my repayments’ functionality to the mobile apps as well. Our mobile teams are currently working on some other functionality but we are regularly talking about how we can get them on to this.


Other things that I miss from the full website are:

Totalmoney total for all accounts as they are listed but there is no total
How much is offset/what balance you are paying mortgage interest on
Recent transactions like we see on the side bar on the website


If you click on your TotalMoney loan account in the Mobile app you can see these details. As below.

Hope this helps.


I don’t think that helps if you have more than one total money loan though as you would have to add the numbers up still? I think there should be a quick way to see the total of your offset loans and the total of your offset bank accounts like you can on the full website.

Also, is there any way to see the total value of all your bank accounts combined, and a total of all your mortgage accounts (not just totalmoney ones)?