Adding/Editing payees

Old internet banking allows you to add a Payee, and search for their account details (if registered with BNZ). I cannot find this functionality in New internet banking. Also, the Edit Payee interface (in Old) provides guidance about what details should be entered for a particular payee. This is also a functionality that I cannot find in the New internet banking. Would appreciate advice as to whether this functionality can be obtained in New interbank banking, and if not, it is planned to add it?

Hi @DB,
This functionality is available in new Internet Banking, you can see how to do it here:
This includes both searching for our registered payees and getting guidance about what to put in each field.
Hope this helps,

can you make the “new payee” part of the app a little easier to use. when I add a new payee it keeps taking me to a list of registered payees and makes it hard for me to get back to add the bank information manually. always seems to mess with my mind and takes me several attempts to get it right. im still not sure I understand how it actually works. seemed to get there eventually.

Hi there! The registered payees come up so it is easy for those to find companies that they need to pay. If you follow this process I am confident you wont run into further problems.

  1. Navigate to the Payee section
  2. Type the name of the Payee
  3. Select “Someone New - NAME -”
  4. Fill in the other relevant information and save