Adding BNZ to Paypal Bank

The numbers provided to us (Deposit numbers) do not work with paypal. It states that the numbers do not correlate to a real bank. Is there a different way to go about this? Thanks.

Hi Hazaki, the first 6 numbers of your account ( 02 for BNZ an then 4 digits for your branch) will go in the first box, then your account number has 7 digits, then you would put in a hyphen followed by your suffix which will be either 2 or 3 digits.
XXXXXXX(account number)-XXX(suffix) OR XX(suffix)
Hope this makes sense and works for you.

Hi, that is what I’ve tried and it says that it is not valid.

Hi Hazaki, I’ve emailed the relevant team member concerning your question, but they’re currently away for the New Year break, due to arrive back on Monday. I’ll make sure we have your answer then. Apologies for the ongoing delay in getting back to you - let me know if there’s anything else I can do in the meantime. Happy New Year :slight_smile:

Hi Hazaki, thanks again for your patience regarding this Paypal problem. I’ve heard back from my colleague who isn’t aware of any common issues with Paypal like the one you’ve described, so assuming you’re entering your information correctly their shouldn’t be any issues. If you’re still having this issue we’d recommend contacting Paypal directly and they should be able to find the route cause for this error on their end. Any other questions let me know. Thanks, Lawrence

I also have this problem and have money stuck in PayPal and it’s already cost me fees in the money getting returned from bnz to PayPal

Hi @hayley and @hazaki

I just tried it and made a small tweak and got it to work.

your suffix will show as 3 chars in IB or Mobile, as in 004 or 000 etc, when you load the account up, just drop the first ‘0’ in the suffix and try again

For example:

Bank: 020500
Account: 1234567-00 (not 1234567-000)

Hope that helps


Thanks a lot for clarifying that for us Nick!

This is gold. Thank you. I was on the phone to a Paypal CSR for an hour and they couldn’t work it out, should have used google :slight_smile:

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