Adding an extra 0 onto bank account for payment

Recently made a payment, and the BNZ app asks for 3 digits at the end of an account, the account I was paying into only had 2 digits so I added a ‘0’ at the end, as I thought this was the correct procedure but my payments have bounced back. Should I add a ‘0’ at the start of the suffix instead?

Typically you should only put the number of digits that it has, so last 2 digits is what “should” have been there. However, and I could be wrong, a trailing zero doesn’t have any effect. Another number however would have.

I queried this quite some time ago by ringing the BNZ help line.

I can not advise you what the app has got built in, however I can advise that we use 3 digit suffix when interchanging the payments, so for a suffix which is from 00-99 it would require a leading zero to make it 099 or 001 if paying to a 99 or 01 suffix, if you append to the end then an 01 become 10 and that could be a reason why the payment failed. So if it asks for 2 put in 00-99 and if it asks for 3 start with a leading 0. Hope this has helped.

If that is so, then why do the boxes not cater for 3 digits. All it would need is information next to is stating that if the account number ends in 2 digits then put an extra 0 at the front?

What if your last three digits were 000 and else where showed 0001 will it use 000