Activating your Account Notifications

Know what your everyday accounts are doing while you’re away by setting up notifications; we will give you a heads up when somethings changed. There have been some recent enhancement to this feature in Internet Banking.

Just let us know what you want to be notified about and we will send you either an email or text whenever a transaction or something about your account changes.

They can be handy reminders to let you know when an account needs topping up, that your pay has come thru, you’ve reached limit of your spending or that you need to login to check on an account.

Notifications can be set up for:

  • If there is a problem with a recurring payment being processed
  • Your account goes overdrawn
  • Some money comes into your account
  • Some money goes out of your account
  • When available funds are below or above a certain amount
  • Balance update at end of (previous) day – ideal for Small Businesses’

Find out how to set up notifications

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