Account Sequence on mobile app


Can I change the sort sequence in the mobile app?
On internet banking I am able to “drag and drop” so the accounts are in the sequence I want them, but on mobile it does not honour that same sequence, and drag-and-drop initiates a funds transfer.

I have quite a few accounts in TotalMoney so this would greatly improve the user experience.


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Hi @LouH,

At this stage we don’t have the ability to change the order of account in the mobile app. This is something we have discussed in the past but has quite bubbled up the priority order yet.


The account sequence in the mobile app is alphabetical. If you have for example accounts named “Money In” “Bills” “Holiday”

In the mobile app, “Bills” will be displayed in the upper left, followed by “Holiday”, then “Money In”

The easiest way to retain your existing nicknames, while reordering your accounts is to add a number in front of them, for example “1. Money In” “2. Bills” “3. Holiday” will display the accounts in their numerical order.

While it doesn’t look the prettiest you get used to it quickly and have the accounts ordered as you like.