Account Closure from Overseas Please Help!

I think I still have an account at bnz from the time back when I was in new Zealand. I just want to make sure that this account is closed as I am not in New Zealand ! I can’t phone, not set up for phone banking and will cost me a fortune. And I am not set up for internet banking so I can’t send a secure message…(no banking app as well) I really just want to be sure that this old account is closed and they don’t charge me for anything…

I see BNZ haven’t replied to you yet. You could try sending a message through their website:

Don’t include account-specific confidential information in that message, but do give them your name and your own email address.

Once they get in touch, you would probably need to give them a copy of your passport, the old address where you used to live in NZ, and maybe a copy of some digital correspondence indicating proof of address, as well as the account number.

The main thing is, they will certainly want to verify your identity, and they will be happy to call you so you don’t have to pay phone charges.

Hi @AnikaH, @Sibrit is correct if you can send us a message through that link we can see what we can do about finding the account. You can also call us on +64 4 473 5901 collect from a landline that way it wouldn’t cost you. Cheers