Accessibility standards

Hi team, I’m loving what you’ve been doing and how your digital touch-points have been evolving.

Loving the Bank of New Zealanders angle too.

Just curious, as I can’t find anything on the website, but what is your approach to accessibility and championing standards for access, particularly in a digital context?


Hey @clintyminty, that’s a great question. In fact we’re currently working on an internal styleguide that features just this!

Accessibility is a non-negotiable, core tenet of everything we do, and while there are still some old bits here and there that we need to upgrade, all new work should meet our minimum accessibility requirements. These include things like

  • A generous minimum font size to make sure everything is readable,
  • meeting colour contrast recommendations,
  • making sure navigation is discoverable,
  • keyboard accessibility, and
  • screen reader software support

Hope that helps!


Hi @clintyminty, last year we had a big push to make Internet Banking more accessible by introducing the points that @Serena mentioned. Although it isn’t gold standards (we admit it) it is definitely usable and core banking can be achieved using the keyboard and the likes of JAWS on Windows and VoiceOver on a Mac. We even had the pleasure of working with one of our visually impaired customers to user test the changes we made to ensure they could get through critical flows and access information important to them.

Accessibility is now something the teams discuss and consider as part of every piece of work they pick up.