Access number for login online

how do I get it

Hi there

If you have a BNZ debit or credit card there should be a 9 digit number on the back of that - mine say Access ID in front of the number. That should be your access id.

I also have this problem with my card. I have a Business First Visa card and it does not have the access number written on it on the back(lower left hand side).
How can I know what my Access Number is. I would like to set up online banking but I cannot proceed without an Access Number.

Hi there,
because you do not have any knowledge of what you access number is, you will need to call our team on 0800 275 269 to discuss this further.

Currently I am not in New Zealand. Is there an international number I should call?

Thank you

Hi! Our overseas number is +64 4 931 8209.