About Assigned Badges

If you’ve spent some time looking around BNZ Community you might have noticed that some users have little badges that appear next to their usernames.

These badges are our way of letting you know who’s who. Here’s a quick guide to what each badge means:

Community Manager Badge.jpg Community Manager: Only one person has this badge, and it’s the Community Manager. Our BNZ Community manager is me, .

Moderator Badge.jpgModerator: We have a couple of Moderators who keep an eye on the community and make sure everything is running smoothly and everyone is playing by the rules. They are  and .

Staff badge.jpgBNZer: All our staff members are are identified in BNZ Community using this badge so you know when you are talking to a BNZer. Our staff are community members, just like you. They aren’t part of the BNZ Community team, so if you have questions about BNZ Community, post them in the Site Feedback category, or direct them to a Moderator or the Community Manager