Ability to print overseas payments

I’m a contractor who works for a US based company. I invoice them fortnightly in USD,  and the NZD amount automagically appears in my account a wee while later.

Every 6 months I have to print all of these transactions out for my accountant, so he knows my total income for the accounting period. The old Internet Banking gave me the option to do this, but this feature is missing from the new website.

Would it be possible to have it implemented? Bonus points for allowing me to select mutiple transactions for printing at once, as the old website could be quite cumbersome due to having to select and print each transaction individually. 

@Nick @LukeB @Milan - will this be brought over before old internet banking is switched off in July?

Hi @delphijunkie,

You should be able to do this already by:

  1. clicking on the account the transactions are going into
  2. typing something in the search box such that only these transactions are shown e.g. amazon
  3. then pressing Ctrl-P and you should get a printable page with these transactions on it.  You can most likely save this as a pdf through your printing preferences which might be an easier way to send it to your accountant.

Let us know if that makes sense and is what you’re after.

 That’s not quite what I was after. The old system lists all International Payments, with a hyperlink that takes me to more detailed information including invoice number, exchange rate used, fees from both BNZ and the originating bank.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.09.13 AM.pngI’m then able to print this out, and give it to my accountant. For reference, heres a sample of the printed output.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.29.05 AM.png

Ah that makes more sense, I thought it sounded too easy.

You’ll still be able to access this functionality via the International link in the menu which will continue to take you back to the existing version until we look at rebuilding this functionality in new internet banking.

We’ll be moving the Inward payments functionality to the International section so it will all be accessible from one place.

Let me know if that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t answer your question,



Thanks Luke. That looks like it should be a workable backdoor for now.